The compelling and unforgettable truth

The best relationship advice you’ll ever use. A black and white photo of a loving couple prancing down the street on a cold, grey day. The man takes her hand, as they express joy. The woman’s smile is genuinely captivating.
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

People are who they are, not who you want them to be.

We could drop the mic right here. Remembering this wisdom is vital, but it’s not the only key to sustainable long-term connections.

Sparkly-eyed romantics often over-invest in hopeless situations leaving themselves exhausted and emotionally spent. Understanding people for…

Embrace yourself

It’s time to face it. They aren’t going away. We see them EVERYWHERE.

Legend maintains they hang out underneath certain bridges in anticipation of their next victims. Modern trolls lie in wait beneath the most significant bridge on the planet, the internet.

You are nothing without your trolls, a simple and silly digital depiction of a green troll with burnt orange hair, crazy crooked and sharp teeth, deep red claws on hands and feet, black googly eyes.
Silly Image By Author

The little monsters won’t let you make a…

Crafting cocktails at home

Basic elements of a cocktail kitchen, Texas sangria margarita on the rocks, the purple sangria is floating and suspended on the top half of the cocktail
Texas Sangria Margarita, Image By Author

I love having everything I need right at home. Keeping a kitchen stocked with fresh food and pantry staples is a priority. The ability to prepare almost any dish served in a nice restaurant is an acquired skill I certainly enjoy meal after meal, but what about the drinks?

Price points



The reason may surprise you.

I cry when I’m angry. A large emoji I created with flushed cheeks and forehead, eyes welled up with tears, 3 fallen teardrops, tense lips around clenched teeth, one eyebrow slanted in embarrassed, sad shock, the other eyebrow curled in anger. Black colored background
Image By Author

The way it looks is not necessarily the way it is.

Our place

I believe learning to live respectfully with all other occupants of this planet is at the core of most religions and spirituality practices. I also believe this can be one of the most difficult challenges in life. …


This one takes the cake

I’ve had my newest place about a year and a half. I do have ‘interesting’ neighbors throughout the complex. Though I have joyfully interacted with the general public most of my life, I’ve enjoyed a much more reclusive style lately.

I probably would not set foot outside some days if…


A disgusting discovery

My cold has a nucleoid, yours probably does too. A cartoon graphic design of the nucleoid described in this article. Ew!
Image By Author

If you’ve ever visited your family physician with cold or flu-like symptoms, you’ll remember a question they pose which may force an embarrassing giggle out of you. A good doctor will ask, “What color is your snot?”

When color matters

You may be caught off guard by this inquiry. Certainly, all physicians don’t…

Casey Lane

Lover of all the creative arts, but don't you dare pigeonhole me!

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