Governor Abbott is right on top of it

Lgbt, lgbtqia, lgbtqi, Pronouns rainbow, spectrum, identify, identity, Don Huffines, GOP, Texas GOP, Republican, Conservative, casey lane, caseylanewords, medium
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What did you hear? Biden?

NASCAR race, Xfinity race, “Let’s go Brandon” Trend, Fuck Joe Biden, Fuck Trump, Brandon Brown, victory, 1st place, casey lane, caseylanewords, medium
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What is the meaning of this?

A quick review

Oljato Monument Valley, Utah road, did Utah police serve and protect Gabby?, Gabby Petito, homicide, domestic violence, fail, discretion, VAWA, casey lane, caseylanewords, medium
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Payment is past due

Trump for Prison, Trump train for prison, Donald Trump, impeached, president, treason, 2020 election, fraud, casey lane, caseylanewords, medium
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An angel escapes through the window, Gabby Petito, free, angel, missing, missing women, lost, dear Gabby, casey lane, caseylanewords, medium, Gabby, domestic abuse
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It won’t work, it will backfire

Texas University football game referee, The Lincoln Project, Texas governor, Greg Abbott, casey lane, caseylanewords, Texas, politics, Republican, GOP, censor, censored ad
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Exploitation for exploration

America that is not your moon, space, exploration, casey lane, NASA, treaty, space force, medium, entitlement, universe, perpetuity, capitalism
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Treaty schmeaty

2226, 2202, 3231, 2418…

9/11 Memorial with names, 2996, September 11, never forget, World Trade Center, New York, Memorial, Casey Lane, caseylanewords, medium
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You can sip the tea, if you prefer

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Has the Texas Governor had this superpower all along?

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Casey Lane

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