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A Sudden Retreat Is An Alarm

Consider this a warning

Casey Lane
2 min readOct 24, 2022


The Russian retreat from the Ukrainian city of Kherson on 10/22/22 was large enough to be recognized as global news. What exactly does this mean? Does it indicate a turning point in Russia’s war on Ukraine? What kind of signal is the retreat, and in which direction is it pointing?

A digital representation of Vladimir Putin with a dark, emotionless, cold steel skeleton feel.
Image by Анатолий Жуков from Pixabay

See them run

Taken at face value, any Russian retreat from Ukrainian territory would be great news. President Putin is orchestrating a land grab. Losing ground should essentially mean losing his own war.

What are the odds of a monster like Vladimir Putin walking away quietly?

Reading the withdrawal as a signal is wise.

Who is winning?

Are most Russian soldiers simply uninterested in warring with their neighbors and relatives?

We can hope so. Russian citizens uprising in protest against Putin’s regime is almost the only true hope the world has of preventing the next world war.

The entire world does not see Putin as sinister and vile. That is a shame.

Many sympathize with Putin, cheering him on, praising his every decision. Such support would not wane after neither poor nor…



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