Dagnabbits and Farfflequats

For people only

Casey Lane


A close-up photo of a beautiful red-headed woman with  hazel eyes. Her eyes are crossed  but look outward far to the left and far to the right.
Image by Author generated with DALL-E 2

I knew it as soon as I read the line about how preparing a fresh smoothie conjured up feelings of joy and anticipation inside of a young lady. What this “author” was blending was nourishment, self-help, and a load of bologna.

If what you’re reading smells like it was generated with prompts, then it probably was.

You can even check for yourself most times. But just as in dealing with magic genies, you must ask the correct questions of your favorite language model program to verify a suspicious text.

Well, dagnabbit! I was right.

“She” got me. I was slightly irritated, but mostly disappointed and frustrated. I had wasted my time reading her computer-generated content.

If I want scraped, trained, statistical information, I’ll ask the bot myself.

When I come to places like Medium to read, I am specifically searching for the human experience. Face-to-face connections allow us to see and hear expression and emotion. A great author can use words to reach readers on the same empathetic level.

Computers do not project feelings. They don’t have any!

Unless you prefer your art and entertainment delivered textbook style flushed with mechanical romanticism, today’s tech just…



Casey Lane

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