Nuclear Testicles

The biggest balls of all

Casey Lane


A pair of glowing green balls on the ground in a park
Image by Author: A pair of glowing green balls created with Stable Diffusion

Nuclear warfare is the ultimate threat. You can easily liken this show of potential force to an unsolicited dick pic.

All the guys have the same equipment, but they’re not all willing to shove them in people’s faces to establish dominance. The nuclear taunting is a show, a tease, a raunchy bear burlesque, a kinky perversion beyond the limits of what is neither tolerable nor imaginable.

There is no safe word.

There is no safe place.

There is no foreseeable end to the torture.

There is only terror.

Terror is the singular intent behind the comparison of nuclear testicles.

Terror, and eventually destruction, are the only ways the humans of planet Earth can seem to manage law and order. Does that even make sense?

Of course, it doesn’t. Exactly how do you explain that to someone who keeps waving their dick in your face? What kind of beneficial conversations can be had when your voice is being muffled by the gnarliest sack of all?

The answer is none.

Submission and dominance are all that matter.

Altered version of the same picture as above, a pair of glowing green balls in a park, one has writing on it which says “SUBMISSION,” the other says “DOMINANCE”
Image by Author: Created with Stable Diffusion



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