What’s Going On Between My Legs?

“Keep my genitalia out your dang mouth!”

Casey Lane


Have you ever been invited to a party in my pants?

I bet you haven’t!

Only limited space is available for what I consider to possibly be the hottest seat in town, which is usually reserved with a waiting list.

I’m not here to brag though.

I’m here to remind you.

Without clear, explicit, and consensual permission, whatever I have or haven’t got in between my legs is none of your business.

Yes, I mean YOU!

YOU have no privileges when it comes to MY crotch- NONE.

What I have now, what I had before, what I’ll have tomorrow- all irrelevant to you and your life.

I can do whatever I want to and with my hotspots because they belong to me.

You have your own! Why are you so obsessed with mine?

Really, have you ever asked yourself why you can’t stop thinking about and participating in conversations concerning MY body, MY genitalia, MY sexuality?

I think it’s because you’re a special kind of pervert, but that’s none of my business- until your perversion violates my existence.

Oh, and how you try and try to violate my existence! You write laws to examinate, discriminate, and regulate what is between my legs.

I just want you to keep your nosey face out of my crotch.

You’re not welcome!

A terrible overhead photo of two hot dogs imitating a pair of legs in a camping chair.
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Casey Lane

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